Services Offered:

• Pre-Inspection and Inspection of Residential Homes. We provide a thorough, limited visual inspection, of the home. All major systems and functions are reviewed and reported on.
• We offer Light Commercial Building Inspection Services (up to 50,000 ft.sq.), tower inspections, and energy infrastructure inspections.
• Bungalow Inspections is an FAA licensed sUAS operator. We deploy an sUAS for those hard to reach areas of a structure.


• Environmental concerns? We have a strategic partnership with labs and state of the art testing devices to measure all constituents for potential contamination.
• Radon Measurement Inspection and Analysis (available late 2016)
• Infrared Inspection and Analysis (available now!)
• Mold and Asbestos Inspection.
All mold inspection handled by Paul Mitchell Painting - 505.516.2968.
Asbestos Inspection provided early 2017.


The Inspection Process:

I recognize that purchasing a home can be a stressful process. Considering that the purchase of a home is a large financial decision, a home inspection can alleviate some stress from the process and give a better understanding of the overall safety and function of the potential investment. Directly after booking an inspection I will email or deliver The Home Inspection Agreement. I was trained to adhere to the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Standards of Practice. I will start my inspection on the exterior of the home and work my way from top to bottom, then proceed to enter the building and work my way from top to bottom, outside-in. The major areas included in an inspection are (but not limited to):
Property Grounds: Driveway/walkways, grading, vegetation, gates, deck/stairs, electrical, main gas valve, plumbing, water pressure, exterior faucets, patio, patio/porch roof, fencing and walls
Exterior Areas: Doors, windows, siding, eaves, paint, stucco (if applicable)
Garage: Roof, walls/firewalls, floors, rafters/ceiling, electrical, garage doors, garage door parts, garage opener, ventilation, cabinets and counters, wash basin
Pool: air pump, deck, fencing, filter, heater, lights, gauge, pumps, structure, tiling, timer, water, water fill unit, electrical
Attic: Access, structure, ventilation, duct, electrical, attic plumbing, insulation, chimney, exhaust
Foundation: Slab foundation, foundation walls, foundation ventilation, posts and girders, sub-flooring, anchor bolts, foundation electrical, foundation plumbing, sump pump, ducting
Roof: Condition, flashing, chimney, skylights, spark arrestor, vent caps, gutters
Earthquake Report
Basement/Crawlspace: Walls, insulation, windows, plumbing, electrical, access, stairs, floors, drainage, structure, columns and piers, ductwork
Electrical: Service panel, Main amp capacity, cable feeds, breakers, fuses
Heat/AC: Heaters, heater base, enclosure, venting, gas valves, refrigerant lines, AC compressor, air supply, registers, filters, thermostats
Water Heater: Base, enclosure, combustion, venting, condition, TPRV, gas valve, plumbing, overflow line, strapping
Bathrooms: cabinets, ceilings, counters, doors, electrical, bath fan, floors, heating, mirrors, plumbing, showers, shower walls, tub, enclosures, sinks, toilets, windows
Bedrooms: cabinets, ceiling fan, closets, doors, electrical, fireplaces, floors, security bars, smoke detector, walls, windows, ceilings, patio doors
Interior Areas: bar, cabinets, ceiling fans, closets, doorbell, doors, electrical, security bars, smoke detectors, stairs, ceilings, patio doors, walls, fireplaces, windows
Kitchen: cabinets, counters, dishwasher, doors, disposal, microwave, cook top, oven, sinks, compactor, vent, windows, floors, plumbing, ceilings, security bars, patio doors, electrical, walls
Laundry: cabinets, counters, dryer vent, electrical, exhaust fan, gas valve, wash basin, floors, plumbing, walls, ceilings, security bars, doors, windows